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Wiring Supplies- Clips Fuses Screws Earth Sleeving Etc.
Tv / Satellite Supplies
Sockets / switches - Brass Chrone White, Various Styles
Electrical Outdoor Supplies
Hardware - Brass Door Handles Etc.
Fixings - Screws / Wall Plugs
Energy Saving
Electrical Back Boxes
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Paying for your goods on couldn't be any easier.
Payment is fast and secure and is managed by
There is no need for a PayPal account and a large range of credit and debit cards are accepted.
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To purchase items just simply browse Supplybits large range of goods then select the quantity you want and press the "Add To Cart button" next to the product you want.
( Look out for multi-packs on many items saving you even more.
After adding to the cart, click "Continue Shopping" in the cart window to add more products or click " Proceed To Check-out" to pay for your goods.
Do this as many times with as many products as you like.

When you want to view your cart items just click "View Cart" at anytime.
When you've finished adding items to your cart just click
"view Cart", then review your items in the PayPal cart window and click the " Proceed To Check-out" button.
Paypal will then securely process your details and payment method.
Supplybits does not process your details so you can rest assured that your details are secure with PayPal.

(Don't forget if you already have a PayPal account it's even easier).

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